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My Story

Have you ever thought Direct Sales is *not* for you? Think you’re *not* a sales person? Do you think that only a select few who got in early make money at these things? Maybe you don’t consider it a real job and don’t want to tell your family and friends about it because they’ll think it’s a pyramid scheme. Long ago I thought that too.

By the way, if you’re like me with a short attention span and don’t have patience for multiple paragraphs – you can read about me here

Otherwise, grab a beverage and I’ll give you the abbreviated version of My Scentsy Story that’s not on my website link above.

Anyhoo, even with the attitude I had about direct sales, and what people would think I’ve gotten myself into, I joined my first company in 1988.

I know. I know. I joined a direct sales company strictly just for personal use, that way I could get a discount or earn commission on my own purchases. I’m a good little Polish gal, and we were taught how to make a penny scream; y’know don’t pay full retail if you don’t have to.

It was with a different candle company. I stayed there almost 15 years. Then in 2006 I was on a break from direct sales (ala Ross in Friends  I owned a business, Holiday Box Swap, at the time where direct sales consultants could send me samples and catalogs and then my customers would get a free box of goodies from multiple companies.

In September 2006 some lady in Utah named Sara Speechly sent me some catalogs and air freshener things to include in the vendor boxes. She had books for some new company called Scentsy. I had never heard of it.

October 2006 I joined Scentsy without ever seeing or smelling any. But strictly for personal use. I even told Sara "I am NOT working this as a business. I am on a break from DS and I just want to buy from myself." And that’s exactly what I did for almost the first year I was with Scentsy. It was a new company. No one had heard of it. I did the barebones necessary to remain a consultant.

Fast forward 16+ years. I’m still here, representing Scentsy. Only now I don’t do it strictly for personal use. As a single mother for the last 28 years I supported my family with Scentsy. I think legally I’m supposed to put in a disclaimer here about results not typical, yada yada yada.

My claim to fame is that I have never done a party with Scentsy. Never. Not a home party, not an online party and not a basket party.  I have done hundreds of parties over the last 34 years I have been in direct sales so I can coach and mentor those who do them and I do believe parties are still the best way to share our products with the most people. 

Point being, if you want to join Scentsy for personal use – you’re in the right place. If you want to work Scentsy with a long or short term goal to make it a full time career, you’re in the right place.

So there you go. That’s my Scentsy story. Single parent joins for personal use, three years later she hits the top ranks, among less than one percent of the company and ten years later she’s still here with no plans to go anywhere. 

Lastly, if you’re entertaining joining Scentsy, I think you should just do it. Abundant Prosperity and I’ll help you meet your goals. That’s YOUR goals, for as little or as much as you want Scentsy to be in your life. 

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